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Life that was made for living

        Past is a history.

        Future is a mystery.

        Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called present.

Way to go Mr. Adams!! :)

Despite the fact that in last months my camera spent a fair bit of time in countries where I was not and took at least two international journeys in postal service, I still managed to capture the following ‘presents’:

JUNE 2008

MAY 2008

APRIL 2008

Off to Cyprus in 7 hours

Guess why?



I love new ways of doing old things.
There’s always a better way, its exciting to search for and rewarding to find it.

Take an example of this very blog here: I really liked posting some stuff here time-to-time so that I wouldn’t completely forget all the things flying by at a speed of light times 2. At some point I ran completely out of time for doing that. Couldn’t even find 30 minutes a month, seriously.

So I reached out for new technologies.

I have my camera with me most of the time anyway. So now, once a day, I record a random 3 second clip of whatever I am doing in that particular day.

In the end of the month I just throw all the movie clips in the program that puts them together into one longer movie.

Maybe delete a 3-4 really crappy ones to make it slightly more viewable and there you are: a month of your life stored forever for later reflections!!! :)

It’s amazing how much memories/emotions you can have embedded in a 2 minute movie clip… Stongly recommended!!!

Not least because I’d like to see a real ‘videoblog’ of another person to see if it is of any interest for someone else to watch :)

Here come my last 6 months.

MARCH 2008






Starting up, gearing up

Hopla! Even during the hyperactive MBA course last year I found some time each month to at least upload some photos for status report. Now it’s March and 2008 is still empty…

Well, we’re starting up here with Realeyes. It always takes 2 times more of everything that you plan for. Including time. Anyway, I’m good: Realeyes is growing, Oxford is treating us extremely well and occasional social events keep the spirit (intake) high enough.

Like Germal Karneval (pics here) or weekend in NY (pics here).

Thank god we didn’t move to London in September and stayed here in Oxford. London is a cool place if you don’t have to spend there more than 3 days a week + max one night on someone’s random sofa. Any more than that and a ‘nature boy’ like me would feel too out of place. Oxford balances it out just perfectly. Funny that only half a year ago I was absolutely certain I’d never stay in this small town for more than a year.

Couple of pictures from December are here and few from February here. I’ll now go and do my best to keep the news-flow positive, byebye!

Power of Personalization

I had seen so many images of brain before and never really made the connection that, realistically, all I am is something grey and fluid that resembles a walnut.

Perhaps a bit to the extreme, but it is quite an experience to look at your very own brain. Carpe diem and lets make it all happen right now, because it is pretty obvious from this picture that this flaky thing there is not gonna last too long!!! :)

When you love something you just know it right away and all the way. Wish it worked the other way as clearly, but for the dismay of most of us, it seldom does.

Anyway, I do love my Oxford running track and there can be no doubt about that! If you need hard evidence You should take a look at this powerpoint file. Its about 130MB, so be patient, but it’s well worth it.

Time to draw this year to end: may it bring your wildest dreams and push them even further!


Gender Finance: women make equity investments while men just write off R&D costs

The dinners where amount of wine bottles equal or exceed the number of participants are always something to remember. Few weeks ago Niall, Svetlana, me and Ms. Escobado took advantage of professional finance experience around the table and deconstructed one of the most cryptic phenomena in this world - relationships between single men and women.

We found that laws of corporate finance can explain intimate relationships between single men and women. Women take men as equity investments, representing high commitment to stand by the investment even through hard times. Men tend to account for women as research & development cost items that are more easily written off in each reporting period.

Effects of portfolio diversification and how R&D expenditure affects equity price are exciting research questions for the next gathering where we will also flip-a-coin who will go ahead and do the first ever phD in gender-finance.
Ehh… good and exciting times in England!!!
Will book some time to write more soon.
Until then, some photos available here.

High Hopes

Sometimes a random thing can really touch you.
For example, take a look at this video. It is my every(other)day running track, starting just behind my new home in Oxford.

I love this scenery so much that I once took the camera with me to take short clips while I was running. Pink Floyd’s “High Hopes” (defying all the laws of statistics) kept randomly coming up from the list of 15 000 mp3-s that I currently listen and felt so appropriate for surrounding ‘green fields’ that I set it as audio background for the video, making it look ALMOST like a music video :) When I few days later checked out the actual Pink Floyd video on YouTube (see here) it was SOOO strangely similar! Green grass, Cambridge, river, running…

Further, lyrics (read here) - also so ‘connected’! The whole Oxford thing, youth, ambitions, great times with friends… Take a look (here) at Gilmour’s comments how the song happened.

Simple things can make life so colorful.

Time to move on

Time to move on

Heh, one of those moments again. MBA is over and every molecule of my body tells it is the right time to turn the page. Surprising how similar it felt when I left my life in Estonia a year ago to start the MBA here in Oxford. I guess it’s a good omen that the coming year will not be any less extraordinary! ;) But first few words on the one that just passed.

Amazing. Mind-blowing. Liver-killing. Refreshing. Recharging. Restarting. Restating…

Should I ever become a dictator of a small country, I will make it mandatory by constitution for everyone to undertake a one-year international study program abroad. There are not that many things in life in which you just can’t lose: 1-year Oxford MBA is one of them.

Well, this 1-year thing is pretty relative, actually. Beers in Belgium, beach-party in Thailand, birthday in Stuttgart, wedding in Kazakhstan, New Year in Dubai, skiing in Switzerland, Argentina Tour 2009…

Those entries in my calendar refute any claim that this MBA is over.

Some pictures of last 2 weeks in Oxford: click here

Eye-tracking Seedcamp

A month from last entry? Already?? Again??? Ah, its about time to get used to it.

It has been them most indoor August for me ever. My traditional month of treat and green wilderness has been replaced by too-often blue-screening computers. However, I haven’t regretted that (temporary) change (yet) for a bit. We’ve been putting long hours into our Summer Consulting Project which nicely coincides with the business plan we will actually pursue with Niall also right after the MBA. So, at the moment it is all I really want to do and nothing but what I really want to do.

As some of you already know the general idea is to start reading peoples minds on a large scale and to quantify all their inner feelings into massive SQL database. How romantic, ah? :)

We start from eyes and we stop when we are 40.

Here’s a little reminder slideshow of how we got into the whole “Realeyes” business in the first place…

…and this slideshow is the latest update of the last month or so.

Among the other smaller and bigger adventures we also ended up submitting an application for the Seedcamp in London. This project, in my humble mind, tops easily vast majority of the carbon-clean-renewable-energy initiatives in ‘making world a better place’ score. The whole idea of somebody best in the world spending 3 months one-on-one mentoring with well selected fresh beginners is just so fundamentally right.

On a good side we made it to the phone interview round from initial 260 applications, on a less-fortunate side our 6 minutes on the phone did not prove convincing enough to make it to TOP20.

But we did earn at least a good laugh right after the phone interview, because should Realeyes end up in abrupt bankruptcy there is no doubt Niall will get a well-paid job as an experienced-TV-Shop telemarketer. I’m not going to link the recording of that interview here, but you can book a session to hear that for a case of beer or so.

Also, each year when we will approve our Annual Report at a board meeting, we are going to play it as a Realeyes mission statement! :)

Only 3 weeks of MBA left in Oxford… Too many nostalgic people everywhere already. Many will miss it badly.

In the summertime, when the weather is fine…

A lot has happened in between. A LOT! The end of the third term ended up…. lets say academically overloaded. I constantly had some assignments due and writing them one after the other just hit a certain saturation point in the end. But this is over now and I am pretty sure that all the other two-hundred MBA-s agree that this is a good thing – a strong go for one-year MBA programs!!!! :)

Assignments were heavily mixed up with Oxford college balls (I will always recommend Wadham over all the others because they really know how to do this stuff) that kept developing into more and more heavyweight parties. But that’s inseparable part of the whole Oxford experience, should you ever ask me. Some of the memories: here.

Right after the term ended it was a time to host as many MBA-s as my house can take. That’s 10 people, to be precise. Well, we didn’t waste any time during those four days – the ‘program’ usually started around 10am and only few of us got to bed much before that. July in Estonia is always a treat for anyone and so we did have a fantastic MBA-style ‘quality time’ in massage-saunas, shooting ranges, prime minister’s office, electricity plants, ATV safaris, beer festivals, smoke-saunas, in the house of parliament and in a nightclub far from Tallinn that is hard to forget. I miss those busy days…

9-th of July was the official start of our summer consulting project. Team ‘Mörby’ by Barry, Caio, Niall and I settled in a (weird) apartment downtown Stockholm for couple of weeks. This city is bloody difficult to dislike. Everything is just so perfectly in place. Maybe, perhaps, not the price of the glass of house wine, but you can say that about pretty much all the other available details on this planet. Some pics.

So once again I’m back in UK. Haven’t got further than London yet. Fair part of the project is due to take place here anyway. Also, the refurbishment of my main place in Oxford and the all-over-news floods have no contribution to my willingness to hurry there yet.

Eyetracking project is going ahead well. It’s promising and we really look to make it work. Time will tell ;)

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